You want to text all your tinder matches with one copy & message? This is how you can text ALL Tinder Matches with one Copy & Paste Message!

Tinder cover letter after match- Watch the video now:


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How To Text All Tinder Matches

You have a match on Tinder and now it’s time to get down to business – the cover letter!Meanwhile it’s clear that hardly anyone answers to 0815 messages anymore, even a “Hi,how are you? With the online dating program you can get in touch with your matches in three different ways and they will answer you guaranteed. Want to know how you can get 180 answers in an hour?

Tinder Openers That Work

The three modules are structured in Copy & Paste messages. This means you copy a message and can send it as often as you want. So you don’t have to think about a new cover letter for every match. The first is to address open matches that you have not yet written to.With the second you write matches that have not responded to your Tinder letter after match and the third is suitable for contacts with whom you have already written but for various reasons have not responded yourself.

3 Tinder Openers you can use after the Tinder match

Send all your matches as your first message: “Hi (Name). What’s on your mind tonight?Will you be on the road later or will you take it easy today?”. Copy them and send them to all matches, preferably on a Saturday evening or Sunday morning. Click on match, paste copied message and send. That sounds exhausting at first, if you imagine that there are extremely many matches, but it goes super fast.

You didn’t get an answer to your first Tinder message after an match? Then send a second message now more than ever. It does not matter whether the first message was sent days,weeks or months ago. Even after one or more years you can still send a second message.You will wonder how many people are happy that you are trying again and have not forgotten them. So alone they will answer you. You will certainly read in almost every message that it was not your fault or that it was not your fault that no reaction came back.Your matches often don’t even see the message because it just went down or because they were too interested in someone else.

If you wrote with a match and didn’t answer anymore, for example because you weren’t in town any more or simply weren’t interested any more, but want to write again, then send the third message. Again, it doesn’t matter how long the last contact was.

Send THIS to all your Tinder Matches

With all the tips, it is important that you really write down all those that apply to the respective module. Write the first message to all matches, the second to all who didn’t reply to the first message, and the third you didn’t write to anymore. Write consistently to all, so you remain interesting and possibly result in more than you expect. So if you also want to have more than 180 answers in 1 hour, get the numbers of your matches and dates, watch the YouTube video now and see how it works.

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