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Get More Dates & Beautiful Women In Just 9 Steps

This Is How Easy It Is

Your 9-step-system to get the most beautiful women online consists of 3 components

Premium Guides

  • 9-step-system for every dating portal

  • 9 Premium Guides (over 600 pages)

  • Over 100 text templates for Tinder, Whats App, & Co.

Audio & Video Courses

  • 181 minute online dating video course

  • 35 minute first date video course

  • 51 minute online dating audio course

Personal Advice

  • Personal coaching included

  • Ask questions regarding online dating & your dates

  • Quick answer and highly intensive results

In addition to the latest contents, you´ll get all future modules we´ll create for free. Lifelong free updates! So, you`ll always profit from our latest knowledge and will be enabled to try out and use your knowledge on your dating site.

Get More Dates In Any Dating App

Start Today and Take the First Step

Your Online Dating Program Contains All Premium Guides

From Creating Your Profile to your First Date. We have thought of everything!

Compact Step-By-Step Instructions

Directly put in a nutshell and solution oriented – without theoretical excesses!

More Than 100 Templates For Online Dating And WhatsApp

Use our numerous text drafts for your first message and look forward to response rates up to 100 %. With our text drafts, you will contrast against other men for sure and will earn an above-average number of responses.

Turning Numbers Into Dates On The Same Day

Meet your new flirt partner at the same day. Our program is designed to meet and get to know every flirt partner personally as fast as possible – no matter on which dating site or in which dating app. In the end, only real dates do count!

Get More Dates In Any Dating App

Start Today and Take the First Step

In 9 Steps Easily Towards More Dates

Start Your Online Dating Program Now And Get Your First Date Today

  • You create pictures, that will instantly increase your sex appeal  – no matter what you look like

  • Women want to be a part of your life – just by the means of your pictures

  • Women will write you first, just because of your new attractive pictures

  • You´ll create a profile that makes you stand out from all the other men

  • Your profile details will make women curious about you

  • 30% of the women will write you initially because you are so interesting

  • Get to know women you always wanted to have

  • 28 templates for the first message you can send to every woman

  • Response rates up to 100%

  • You´ll flirt like no other man with women because you´re different and creative

  • You can convince women of yourself with your playful conversations

  • Women love your open and honest attitude and give you their number in just 4 messages

  • Women will text you via WhatsApp & Co. and you´ll deepen your relationship and build up trust

  • To do so, you’ll get over 100 templates for Whats App & Co. so that you´ll always know what to write

  • Answers to all questions so that you´ll stay the cool guy women fell in love with

  • Because of your charisma, women want to meet you in real life at any price

  • You will suggest and arrange a date she can´t refuse

  • You will get 25 first date ideas that will make women love you – she never had such a date!

  • You´ll learn how to enthuse every woman on the first date from the greeting to goodbye

  • To do so you´ll get creative questions and conversation topics so you´ll always have something to say

  • You’ll finish every date with a kiss

  • You will continue with the energy of the first date so she will want to see you again

  • On the phone, you´ll increase her desire for more on the next date

  • The second date will be more personal and intimate, so you´ll achieve your goal faster

  • You achieved your goal and can get to know a new woman every day

  • You have more women on your side, more dates, and more sex

  • You´ll stay together with your dream woman and you´ll have a relationship that never breaks apart

Start Your DATES! Online Dating Program Now!

For all important subjects from the Profile Description via the First Message up to the First Date

  • Available now

  • Unlimited access

  • For iPad, iPhone, Android & PC

  • Lifetime free updates (including new guides, new videos, new modules)le)

Achieve Your Goals Quickly

No matter which goals you´ve set for yourself – you´ll achieve them!

Getting More Dates

We´ll show you how to get a lot of women to go on a date with you in a short time and how every first date will end up with a kiss – at least.

Having More Sex & Affairs

After having new dates every day, you´ll decide what will become of your dates. Every new date results in more women automatically, in more passion, more sex, and more affairs.

Finding A Girlfriend

Because every date is a training to get the RIGHT woman, we will show you how easy it is to get a girlfriend in online dating and have a happy relationship.

Over 20,000 Success Stories In 56 Countries

The reactions to our Dating & Lifestyle Club are overwhelmingly positive! See for yourself!

“Hey Sebastian Voppmann, I would officially like to say thanks to you and your programs. When I first heard of you, I could not have imagined how helpful all this would be. The 97€ that I invested into your programs wasn’t a small amount of money but it definitely paid off. I went on a lot of dates. More than I had in the last 33 years of my life. Once you know where they’re coming from, it’s a lot easier to understand women. Many of you are just trying to get laid and even I once did that. I wanted more this time. I met a woman that doesn’t see me as her type at all and still, we’re happy together. Without your guidance, Sebastian Voppmann, I couldn’t have made it. If you’re still not sure about the help you’re getting here, I don’t know what else to say. You spend a lot of money on your smartphone, cars and other things but you want to save money when it comes to other helpful things like all this advice for instance. Thank you so much for your support and all the help.”

Steffen W. (23), has found a girlfriend
“Hey Sebastian! I am a really big fan of you and your program. I actually only acquired it yesterday to find out more about the algorithm on Tinder and then had to find myself in the probably largest digital self-help group in Germany. Fun is necessary and if everything goes smoothly, you’d be Hitch the Date Doctor – I JUST LOVE THE PROGRAM!”

Matthew K. (38), 3 Dates in 48 Hours

“Okay, well, looks like any other site that wants to sell you PDFs that enable you to make money in your sleep or the “get rich overnight” schemes on the Forex market. Anyway, I just bought the 28 messages with with guaranteed response as 14€ aren’t too much and as someone that works in the IT field, I know that creating PDFs with hundreds of pages, videos and websites is not an easy task. The introductions are really good and I’ve already messaged several women and 2/3 have already responded. You get genius message ideas that offer an easy transition into a conversation. Some thing I definitely could never have guessed, I guess I am somewhat helpless. You have earned the money and my Saturday evening is saved XD Is it possible to buy a Master Package with all your material? I’m looking forward to an offer.”

Maurice J. (37), 2 Dates in one day

“The online dating program has completely changed my life! I met my great love on Parship and then took her to one of the exclusive events that I would probably never have experienced without Premium Life. The personal support is just excellent!”

Jacob D. (31), 9 Dates in 3 Weeks

“The guides and especially the updates are something unique. They always work, are original and get straight to the point without any theoretical gibberish. Top quality!”

Jeremy W. (31), 5 Dates in 7 Days

“I was skeptical at first and wasn’t really sure if I should be spending money on a “digital book” or not. But I’ve learned so much after reading the first guide that I have since bought every other product in order to learn something new. I actually do not need all the new books and programs anymore but I am having fun and that’s what matters. Still though, it’s just like watching out for a new movie, I am excited to see what’s next!”

Julian Z. (27), married since 2021

“A short feedback for you: I´m using Tinder since about 2 weeks now and wanted to add Bumble actually, but I can´t find the time because I can hardly keep up with all the requests. I´ve got a response rate of nearly 100 % to your drafts after generating a match. Respect! Right now, I must reschedule dates because there is so much going on. The first dates all went excellent. The guide and the initial messages are working great, even the video courses and the podcast are working perfectly in the GIRLS! Dating Program.”

Darius G. (27), 12 Dates in 3 Weeks

“First of all, I have to thank you and praise what you´ve created here in your GIRLS! Dating Program. Especially the fact that you´re offering a personal consultation during the first couple of months to all your clients who bought your program is admirable. Regarding that, I need to say that this isn´t naturally, so I´d like to pay a great compliment here! I´ve been pretty skeptical in the beginning personally, wondering if this program could really help me and I have to say in some ways it really did! When I was working with your program I quickly recognized that I´m kind of a mass product (in writing initial messages for example) … That´s why I´d like to put into practice some aspects of your program…”

Marcel B. (38), 10 Dates in 5 Weeks

“The GIRLS! Dating Program works. I managed to get to know a woman and to arrange a date with the help of guides via Lovoo and Tinder. Most of all I liked the first date guide, because the video sequences seemed pretty naturally. “The Best Ways to Start a Conversation” I also liked very much, with them I managed to reach many people practiced, standardized, and quickly. For me it´s clear that the guides do work and the described scenarios in it can be realized.”

Dirk B. (56), has found a girlfriend

“Attain The Top Form Of Your Life And Meet The Most Attractive Women Of Any Online Dating Service”

In 3 Steps, you´ll get the women you always wanted to have!


Step 1 – 3

You´ll get to know all the basics for online dating: from an attracting profile up to the initial contact message nearly 100 % of the women will respond to.

Getting To Know Each Other

Step 4 – 6

Your way of flirting will intensify after the first message and you´ll learn how to get every woman to go on a date with you at the same day and to meet you LIVE.


Step 7 – 9

You´ll learn everything you need to know about a date so you won´t just kiss the women but will also win her for you and she´ll want to see you again at any price.

Your 9-Step-System Is That Easy

All the components will be activated immediately and you´ll be enabled to use the whole knowledge on your dating site

correct (1)
Harmonized concept from creating your profile up to the date.

correct (1)Easy And Clear
Step by step we´ll lead you through the system. It will easily fit in your everyday life.

correct (1)For Every Online Dating Platform
You are free to use our precious knowledge in every dating site and dating app.

correct (1)Drafts For The First Message
You´ll get some text drafts with an 100 % response rate to be able to write to every woman.

correct (1)Getting The Number With The 4th Message
We´ll show you how to get every cell phone number with the 4th message.

correct (1)Full Chats Until The Date
You´ll get all our chat histories from the first to the last message – uncensored.

correct (1)Everything For Your 1st Date
From the greeting to the goodbye of your first date we´ve thought of everything.

correct (1)Personal Consultant & Advice
We are always on your side and we´ll be there for you until you´ve got a date.

correct (1)Lifelong Access
Enough time to do the program – perfect for unexpected breaks, too!

correct (1)Start Right Now!
Log-in and start right now. Ideal for beginners and advanced!

Get More Dates In Any Dating App

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