Hey Superstar! Which Dating Apps should you definitely have on your smartphone? This article is going to show you the four Dating Apps that you should have installed on your phone. Get to know a lot more women and go on a lot more Dates!

Best Dating Apps That Work:


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Our rating criteria for the best dating apps

Dating Apps Germany! First of all, we would like to point out that this article only refers to dating apps that are popular in German-speaking countries, i.e. Germany, Austria and Switzerland. And best of all, we rate these dating apps based on five points:

  1. Attractiveness: How attractive are the people registered on the app?
  2. Age Range: Are people online who are relevant to your age?
  3. Response rate: How probable is it for you to get a lot of responses on the dating app?
  4. Date willingness: How easy it is to get ladies from the dating app on the mobile phone and actually meet them
  5. Insider tip: For each app we give you an insider tip on how you can easily win most of the ladies over for you and how to get to know them with certain tricks in the app.

Dating Apps Test: Tinder

The number 1 app you should have installed on your phone is Tinder. Let’s get straight to the attractiveness. Tinder is the app with the most attractive people on it. Why is that? It’s because Tinder is not just a classic dating app, but a lifestyle app: it is an app like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. Another reason for why is Tinder’s algorith as Tinder’s algorithm is designed to show the people whose photos are most liked. That’s why when you sign up for Tinder or log in, the “pretty” people are always shown first.

The age range on the dating app Tinder is definitely varying, starting at 18 and going up to the “open end”. In Germany alone there are two million people registered on Tinder, worldwide the number goes up to a 100 million people. It really does start at 18 and goes to around the mid 40’s, 50’s.

The response rate on Tinder is very high, it’s 70% if you send copy-paste messages and 100% if you respond individually to the photos or status. Why is the response rate on Tinder that high? This is because not every gentleman can text the ladies: Unlike any other dating site where every gentleman can text the ladies right away, Tinder some sort of pre-selection. It says that two people have to match first, you have to like her photo, she has to like your photo and only then you can text together. So the preselection is based on mutual interest. If there is a match, then there is mutual interest and if there is interest, then the response rate is much higher.

The willingness for dates is also very high on Tinder for the same reason, because there is already a big mutual interest since you have already matched beforehand. That’s why it’s very easy to get a phone number on Tinder and move the chat to WhatsApp. 90 to 95% of the ladies will respond to you on WhatsApp and it is very easy to meet the ladies on WhatsApp or out of Tinder for a date.

Our secret tip for you: Don’t underestimate your status when using Tinder! You know, Tinder is all about the photos at first glance, but you can use your status to get the ladies to text you first. Currently, for example, you have set up no status and this is what happens: Of all your matches, no more ladies are texting you. If you use an original status, which ends up being a bit better than describing your hobbies or what you do every day, the ladies will write text you. With a good status you can really make sure that the ladies text you first.

Dating Apps Test: Bumble

The next dating app you should download is Bumble. The attractiveness at Bumble is really mixed, there are really pretty ladies, but there are also normal ladies who are signed up on there. It’s simply because Bumble does not have this algorithm: On Bumble, people aren’t rated by attractiveness, so at first glance everyone who is near you is displayed.

The age range of Bumble is slightly lower than Tinder. On Bumble, the age range is the lowest as there are a lot of 18 to 20-year-olds that registered there. Of course you will also find ladies on Bumble, even if you are in your mid-30s, mid-40s. You will meet enough women in your age range.

Also the response rate on Bumble is a bit lower than on Tinder. Why is that? That’s because the ladies on Bumble can theoretically be written to by any gentleman. That means 300 gentlemen can text a lady each day whereas on Tinder you can only text your matches. Therefore the response rate on Bumble is a little bit lower than at Tinder. The same applies to the match game. On Tinder you know that when you have a match, the response rate is very high. When you have a match on Bumble, the response rate fluctuates. That could be different from city to city and from time to time: while in Munich only 10% of the ladies respond to you, the rate can go much higher when you’re in Lower Saxony where suddenly everyone seems to answer. This is partly due to the fact that the lady on Bumble cannot clearly see who of the 300 messages she gets is actually the match. That’s why your match on Bumble goes down as new messages come in which is what probably causes the low response rate on Bumble in contrast to Tinder.

How high is the willingness for a date on Bumble? Some men have experienced at first hand that some women only use Bumble to chat as they aren’t seriously interested in meeting men. On Tinder you can just get matches on your phone and go on a date, whereas on Bumble the women, for some reason, do not want to hand out their phone number or want to go on a date with you. And for that reason, the date willingness on Bumble is, compared to Tinder, much lower.

Insider tip for Bumble: In order to stand out from all other gentlemen, your first picture is very important. Your first picture must really show your face, shoulders at max. Never use a full body photo for your Bumble profile picture and never use a photo where you are skiing, diving or playing soccer. This is because Bumble will crop the image to a certain format. What would happen if you had a full body photo: On the radar, the lady sees who’s nearby, suddenly a headless picture appears because you used a full-body photo. Be sure to use a photo of your face to make you stand out at first sight.

Dating Apps Test: Coffee Meets Bagel

The fourth app you should download on your phone to meet as many ladies as possible is the Coffee Meets Bagel app.

Here again, about the attractiveness: Quite normal, something for everyone. The age range on Coffee Meets Bagel is also quite normal, with something for everyone, starting at around 19, 20, going up to the mid-30’s. The response rate at Coffee Meets Bagel is quite good, it’s around 70% to 80% after a match. The willingness to date after an answer is also very high.

Insider tip for Coffee Meets Bagel: At Coffee Meets Bagel you can see where the ladies come from. You must not base your first message on that, your first conversation must not be based on the place where you “met”, because that’s what almost everyone at Coffee Meets Bagel does. Just do something individual, go into the photos or the status on her profile. Though you can direct the next topic in your conversation to the neighborhood and invite the ladies to your home for a first date or go to her house quickly. Just take a Dating App Test with Coffee Meets Bagel.

Dating Apps Test: Hinge

The third app you should download on your mobile phone to be able to text a lot of your dates and women starting today is the Dating App: Hinge. In terms of attractiveness, there is something for everyone on Hinge. There are really beautiful ladies and there are rahter normal looking ladies.

But the age range is higher on Hinge. That means if you are a gentleman in your early, mid-30s or early, mid-40s, then you will be very happy using Hinge. This is because the age range on Hinge starts at the late 20s or early 30s. Of course there are also ladies who are in their early 20’s that use Hinge, but most of the ladies on there are in their 30’s and upwards.

The response rate on Hinge is surprisingly high: If you text a lady on the weekend with whom you had a match with, the response rate is about 90%. The same applies to the willingness for dates. If you send them a text like “let’s meet today” while chatting, the ladies on Hinge will be very open to that idea and would probably like to meet you as well.

Secret tip for Hinge: If you’re a gentleman in your 30s to 40s, you’re in very good hands with Hinge. If you are in that age group, then download the dating app for free and try it out right away.

Download the four Dating Apps for free and you will have enough potential to contact many ladies from now on. Just go and experience the dating apps by yourself, because if you have these four apps, you can definitely get in contact a lot of women. Have fun with your own Dating Apps comparison!

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